What is Litinow??

Litinow is a demonstrative domain to exemplify my development techniques.

My Skills

About Me

Just I

Hi! I'm Maurício Giacomini Penteado.

I am passionate about software development. I have been coding and delivering solutions for over 10 years facing new challenges on a daily basis. Working with talented people is what keep me loving what I do.

I like traveling , who doesn't? I have a great passion to have contact with nature, hiking or cycling , preferably with friends or relatives. It always took me to beautiful mountains or rivers. Places that brings peace to my mind and help me to be prepared myself for the new challenges of day by day work..

I also like to spend a quality time with my family and friends whenever I have a chance and I enjoy to be with people of all ages.

Now, I would like to hear from you, so...

Peace of nature.
Over the top.
I on river.

My Skills

Java & Programming

• Java: 10+ years of experience
• (Oracle) Java EE 6 Enterprise JavaBeans Developer Certified Expert
• (Oracle) Sun Certified Web Component Developer 5.0 – SCWCD
• Sun Certified Java Programmer 1.4 – SCJP
• Strong Core Java and OOP knowledge
• Frameworks and tools: JSF, PrimeFaces, Struts, RestEasy, Jersey, iReport, JUnit, Arquilian
• Database, Technologies and Frameworks: JDO, Datanucleus, JPA, EclipseLInk, Hibernate
• JBoss Keycloak, OAuth2, OpenID
• Web Services: RESTful and SOAP
• Version control: Subversion, Git and CVS
• Build tools: Maven and Ant

Web & Front-end

• Languages: Javascript, TypeScript, HTML5 and CSS3
• Frameworks: AngularJS and JQuery
• UI libraries: Bootstrap and JQueryUI
• Tools: NPM, Bower, Grunt
• Fontawesome, Wow Effects


• JavaCards, OpenSSL, BouncyCastle
• EJBCA, Digital Certificate, Digital Sign, HSM
• ISO 7816, ISO 5280, ISO 8583

• My name is described as a EJBCA open source contributor. Click here.


• Strong skills in relational database modelling
• Advanced SQL knowledge
• Relational databases: PostgreSQL, MySQL and Oracle


• Cloude, Amazon AWS, EC2
• Linux administration
• DNS, Apache, WildFly, JBoss, Tomcat
• Application deployment
• GitLab

Soft Skills

• Curiosity: passionate about learning new things (and not only tech)
• Teamwork: An effective communicator with excellent interpersonal team work
• Analytical mindset: strong ability to solve problems
Currently studying for OCM ee 6 enterprise architect exam


Oracle Certified Professional Java SE 6 Programmer - OCJP
Oracle Certified Expert Java EE 6 Web Component Developer - OCEJWCD
Oracle Certified Expert Java EE 6 Web Component Developer - OCEJWCD

Professional Experience


São Paulo, Brazil

Jun, 2015 - May 2017

Java Systems Programmer Analyst

Some projects and achievements:
• Analysis and development of a customizable CMS (Content Management System ) using technologies like Java EE 7, Web Services REST, Wildfly AS 10, Datanucleus JDO ORM Systems, Postgree with JSON APIs, AngularJS, Zurb Foundations among others.
• Analysis and development of the secure layer for access to REST webservices via keycloak - The Red Hat implementation of OAuth2 and OpenId.


São Paulo, Brazil

Oct, 2012 - May 2015

Java Systems Programmer Analyst

• Analysis and development of the security system to store vehicular documents inner SmartCards chips to DETRAN of Marília city (organization similar to Department of Motor Vehicles in Brazil).
• Analysis and development together with a developer team of the SAT-Fiscal System that will be used by commercial companies to collect tax imposed by the Brazilian government to complete a sales transaction.
• Participation on development of the first Brazilian Crypto Provider to assign, cipher and decipher digital documents.

Marília City Hall

São Paulo, Brazil

Oct, 2008 - Apr, 2010

System and Network Administrator

Some projects and achievements:
• Maintain and administer the systems of Ministry of Health on the twenty two units of secretary health from Marília city.
• Administer the network severs of secretary health from Marília city.

INSO juridical solutions

São Paulo, Brazil

Jul, 2006 - Feb, 2008

Systems Programmer Analyst

Some projects and achievements:
• Analysis and development with the INSO´s development team to build the juridical web system GR5 used by clients like banks, insurance companies, builder's stores among other companies.
• The main proposal of GR5 was facilitate the accompaniment of juridical process that the companies were involved.
• The main users of GR5 juridical web system were lawyers, managers and employees of the clients companies.

Central Info

São Paulo, Brazil

Apr, 2005 - Feb, 2006

Java Analyst Trainee

Some projects and achievements:
• Web software programmer of the EDM (Electronic Document Management) system to clients manage their microfilm copies available by the employees of the Central Info company on the Central Info servers.


Academic background, research and training.

Masters in Computer Science

• Federal University of San Carlos located on San Carlos city - São Paulo - Brazil
• Completed in 2012
• Major field: Networks and Distributed Systems
• Research line: Distributed Systems Communication Protocols

Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science

• University Center Univem - Located on Marília city - São Paulo - Brazil
• Completed in 2004


The archtecture proposed during my masters combines Immersive, Interactive, and collaborative distributed applications with monitoring systems and process traces techniques to allows system health checks.
These health checks helps discovering errors and bugs, facilitating the system development.

This research was presented in the 2012 IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man and Cybernetics - SMC Seoul, Korea (South) and it was published by IEEE. Download the full paper here.

Short Courses

• Program Java Workshop - Sun Microsystems (40h)
• J2EE Aplications Developer - Sun Microsystems (40h)
• Linux Network Servers (40h)
• Struts 2 - Univem (40h)
• Functional SAP R3 Foundations (40h)


• JavaOne Latin America 2016 (20h)
• Virtual Immersive and Interactive Cloud Computing. Distributed Protocol Management (JAMP Platform). 2010. (Office). (20h)
• V Univem Initiation Seminar. Zhang-Suen Tuning Algorithm Applied to Digital Printing Images. 2003. (Seminar). (20h)